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职业生涯 路径

Explore majors and minors based on your career goals, and see how Syracuse University’s programs connect you with leading scientists and scholars who can prepare you for a career built on your passions.
Students talking and collaborating.
Student holds blueprints rolled up.


Shape the spaces where we live, work and play in an industry at the nexus of design, function and human experience.

Explore architecture 路径
Student Jacieon Williams working on fashion project.


Expand your creative talents and prepare for a career where you can inspire, 娱乐, innovate or enlighten.

Explore art and design 路径
Students in business class collaborating.

Business and Finance

Develop your creative thinking and sharpen your skills for a career in business, where innovations and disruptions occur rapidly on a global scale.

Explore business and finance 路径
Student Nico Aramboles stands in front of a screen with art displayed on it.

Communications and Writing

Prepare to inform, persuade and influence in a career where versatile communicators are in high demand.

Explore communications and writing 路径
Student teacher teaching children in a classroom.


Help build a promising future with a career that nurtures, enlightens and empowers young people in the classroom and beyond.

Explore education 路径
工程 students work on project.


Improve everyday life by creating solutions for our environment, health and systems in careers across a vast range of industries.

Explore engineering 路径
Falk students in lab working together.

Health and Human Services

Enhance the well-being of individuals, families and communities in a career where human connections promote values like sustainability and social justice.

Explore health and human services 路径
Students collaborating together.

Humanities and Languages

Bring your critical thinking skills and cultural insights to a wide range of careers where you can expand your knowledge and enrich the human experience.

Explore humanities and languages 路径
Student Cecily Capo working with students and professors.

Law and Government

Turn your passion for public service into a career dedicated to developing meaningful policy and upholding a system of justice.

Explore law and government 路径
校友 Blake Brewer performing on stage.


Develop your artistry, vision and leadership as you prepare for a career that brings inspiring performances to life.

Explore performing arts 路径
Student Nathena Murray working on project.

Science and Mathematics

Apply your analytical, problem-solving skills and open doors to the future with a high-demand math or science career.

Explore science and mathematics 路径
Student Matthew Yanez, sitting with Professor Kanter.

Social Justice and Advocacy

支持本地, national and global communities in a career promoting civic engagement and lasting social change.

Explore social justice and advocacy 路径
Student Veronica Bucci sits at her desk opening up a lab package.


Use your insights into human behavior and institutions in a career that enhances individual lives and our broader social systems.

Explore social sciences career 路径
Professor Dan Pacheco working with students in class, holding a drone in his hands.

Technology and Data

Drive decision-making and lead change managing the systems and tools that are shaping the future of every industry.

Explore technology and data 路径